Monday, March 07, 2005

Software: 2nd speech center

I have installed a trial version of 2nd Speech Center on system 28. This is a text reader for the visually impaired. It will time out in 30 days.

I was looking for something to read the text on the GED web sites and programs used in the center.

There are problems with the trial version that make it difficult to use for a person that would really need to use the product. It requires the text to be read to be placed on the clipboard. This means you need to be able to see well enough to find the text you want to have read.

There does not appear to be away to read text that is hovered over by the mouse pointer. This means it cannot be used to navigate a web site. It will only do a start to end read of the data on the clipboard.

If you have a text document that you want read the program has the ability to open the document in a tab and read that document highlighting (reverse video) the words as they are read. It can read these documents starting at the cursor or from the top of the document.

The voice choices are the standard computer generated voices most old time game players are use to (Think HAL). Pitch and tone can be modified.

The reader does not serve the purpose for which I was trying to use it. You have a few days to see if it meets a need I did not foresee.