Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Pre-GED/GED, Spanish GED: Pre-Algebra Pre-Algebra Edition, Glencoe

This is an interesting site, especially for bilingual students. It has a wonderful multiligual section on mathematical glossary terms and definitions: which defines them in everything from Arabic and Bengal to Taglog and Urdu, along with more common Spanish, Russian, Hmong and Vietnamese. I would think this would be very helpful in getting an ESL student to understand what mathematical term was necessary.
There is also a great section on USA Today related activities for pre-algebra and self-check quizzes
BrainPOPS are 3- to 5-minute animated movies that provide a clear and concise explanation of a particular topic in an engaging manner. While they are animated, they explain the terms very clearly, and students at all levels will find them helpful.
Overall, this site has a lot of excellent material done in an easy to digest format. I highly recommend it for former ESL students, Spanish GED students as well as any student who needs a basic primer on pre-algebra. It is geared to the Glencoe text series (which we have) but can be used with or without the text.