Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Pre-GED, GED: Algebra Solutions Pre-Algebra and Algebra Solutions

The quality of sites available is always amazing to me. While there are some questionable sites, there are, by far, many that are extremely well done. This is one of them. In research for materials for a pre-Algebra student, I came across this site. Their information says:
'To find a solution, enter your math problem(s) and click on “Submit” for automated step-by-step solution.
To practice, click on “Practice” then “Submit” for automated step-by-step solution and answer.For a quick review of the subject, click on Mini-Lessons.
GoMath’s Mini-Lessons will guide you through the topics with graphics and examples. For additional practice off-line, click on Worksheet. All worksheet are in printable format.'

This is a great tool for students, instructors and tutors. You can enter an actual problem and receive a step by step solution.