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Spanish GED Websites and Online Texts

Many of these sites have online texts that can be used for teaching Spanish GED

Matemáticas (Mathmatics) Lectura y Escritura (Reading and Writing) Ciencias Naturales (Natural Science) Ciencias Sociales (Social Science)Informacion sobre el Examen [pdf]

Web Resources Related to Latinos and the Spanish Language Literacy Assistance Center

Site has good resources available on the following topics:

Web Resources Related to Latinos and the Spanish Language :
Topical Resources on Latino and Community Issues
Websites for the Public in Spanish
Resources for Adult Learners
Books in Spanish Information about Bilingualism and Language Diversity
English Language Learning Activities on the Web
Educational Materials, Teaching Ideas, and Classroom Connections

Literacy Assistance Center 32 Broadway, 10th fl.New York, NY 10004 Phone (212)803-3300 Fax (212)785-3685

General: Language Websites Language Websites

Many websites in a variety of languages. Some are for teaching the language itself, others address the needs of native speakers learning English. Quite a comprehensive listing of sites.

ESL Websites Literacy Support Center

Activities for ESL Students: This project of the Internet TESL Journal has more than 1,000 contributions by many teachers.
English Channel: Listening: The listening exercises on this site are integrated in writing and reading exercises. Sound files can be played with Real Audio Player, which can be downloaded for free.
English Grammar Links for ESL Students: Do you have a question about prepositions? Do you need to find out how to use the future tense? Do you want to practice for a grammar test? On this page you will find links to grammar references, exercises, and quizzes that can help!
General Listening Quizzes: Randall's ESL listening lab offers easy, medium, and hard listening exercises.
Global Update: Collection of Articles Around the World: Find a collection of articles for ESL students at intermediate/upper intermediate level. The material is authentic and exercises are added regularly. Some of the exercises contain audio and video fragments. They can be played with the Real Audio Player.
Internet Sites for Adult Learners: Official student site on the Illinois LINCS website. Find numerous student resources and websites listed by category.
Karin's ESL Party Land: Student pages have over 75 interactive quizzes, 15 discussion forums, interactive lessons on a variety of topics, a chat room, and lots of great links.
Multilingual Dictionaries: Find an online dictionary in almost any language. (Dutch, English, Finnish, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Ukranian, Bantu, and more.)
Self Study Quizzes for ESL Students: Find grammar, vocabulary, and word quizzes on this Internet TESL Journal website.
Speaking: This English Channel site offers practices in pronunciation, introductions, and telephoning.

ABE/GED/ESL Civics and Government Literacy Support Center

Civics Online: Students: This gateway portal, designed for children, will lead you to many American heritage sites. Find original U.S. documents, information about American history, archives, collections, history museums, and more.
Cultural Orientation Resource Center: Find materials on housing, community services, transportation, health, employment, and cultural adjustment in several Asian, European, African, and Middle Eastern languages. Other orientation materials include bilingual phrasebooks, health resources guides, and a website devoted to cultural orientation.
Government Guide: Government Services Made Easy: As you move through this site, you will be able to find federal, state, and local resources for officials and agencies, consumer services, health and safety, benefits and assistance, and more.
Tax Center: Yahoo: Find information about state and federal tax forms, tax tools, basic tax tips, and tax resources, such as the Internal Revenue Service website. Find information about state and national elected officials, bills in Congress, elections, agencies, and more.

ABE/GED/ESL General Information Websites Literacy Support Center

ESL Special Collection: This site for students and learners offers language practice and other important ESL services and information.
GED: This is the official GED test site provided by the American Council on Education.
Immigration and Naturalization Service: Find citizenship information and government forms on this official site.
Interactive Instruction for Adult Learners: Find sites on this Maryland Adult Literacy Resource Center that lead to newspapers, interactive stories and geography games, grammar exercises, and more.
PBS LiteracyLink: GED Connection and Workplace Essential Skills: GED Connection, Pre-GED Connections, and Workplace Essential Skills. Find online lessons, interactivev activities, instructors, and more. This website will lead you to dictionaries, weather forecasts, newspapers, magazines, forecasts, maps, people finders, puzzles and word games, writing guides, and more.
Value: Voices for Adult Literacy United in Education: This site promotes a learner-center approach to adult education, and includes learner-centered resource materials which learners and practitioners might find useful.

ABE/GED/ESL: Finances and Consumer Issues Literacy Support Center

Financial Management: The Virginia Cooperative Extension offers advice in the following: credit, taking charge of finances, health care, home business management, insurance, loss of income, and estate and retirement planning.
Family Resource Center: Budget: Find information on how to keep a budget and track your credit report. Also find money-saving tips, a printable budget form, online banking, saving on purchases, and more.
Learn About Buying a Computer: This Virtual Visit was made by students and teachers at the East Boston Harborside Community Center. This site is easy to read and navigate.

GED: Websites Literacy Support Center

GED Materials and Websites: Practical information for GED students

Adult Education Resources on the Web: Resources from the Maryland Literacy Adult Resource Center for adult learners on ABE, computer-assisted instruction, employability skills, family literacy, GED, life skills, math, pre-GED, reading, school-to-work, workplace literacy, and more.
GED: This is the official GED test site provided by the American Council on Education.
General Educational Development: Find resources on test-taking strategies, test facts, test preparation, free practice tests, GED scoring, skill games, grammar guides, and more.
GED Practice.Com: This is a free service provided by Steck-Vaughn to familiarize you with the types of items you will see on the actual GED test. By answering the GED practice questions and getting feedback, you will develop a feel for the kind of reading, thinking, and problem-solving skills you will need to pass the GED test.
Improve Your Studying Skills: Find study tips from the Counseling and Psychological Service (CAPS) website at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Division of Student Affairs.
Lesson Plans: Use of the Casio Calculator: Lessons and practice exercises from the Missouri Valley Adult Education Association for teaching use of the Casio fx-260 calculator. The lessons are in Adobe PDF format or text version for instructors' use.
Study Skills: is a free study skills resource site.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

ESL: Verbals: Gerunds, Participles and Infinitives Purdue University Online Writing Lab
The three types of verbals are discussed: gerunds, participles, and infinitives.
Gerunds and participles are also compared and contrasted in a separate section because they can both end in -ing but have different functions in a sentence.
Finally, since they can both function as nouns in a sentence despite their different forms, gerunds and infinitives are compared and contrasted in the last section.

ESL: Participles, Adjectives and Adjective Phrases Grammar Online

Verb participles, adjectives and adjective phrases

ESL: Guide to Grammar and Writing

Guide to Grammar and Writing: Capital Community College, Hartford, CT: Site includes more than 170 interactive grammar quizzes. There is also a link to some grammar Power Point presentations created by Elene Sandorff, an English teacher from Morton, Illinois, that can be used in the classroom.

ESL/ GED Principles of Composition

Principles of Composition: Very well done site which includes:
The Writing ProcessWriter's Block Freewriting Clustering Outlining A Sense of Purpose
Tone Maintaining Objectivity Concrete, Specific Language Unbiased Language
Building Your Vocabulary Avoiding Plagiarism Being Logical Formatting Papers
Editing Process Computer as Writing Assistant Deadly Sins Checklist
Proofreading Symbols
Structural ConsiderationsThe Thesis Statement Transitions Beginnings Conclusions
The Five-Paragraph Essay
Patterns of CompositionOrganizing Principles Mixing the Patterns The Personal Essay Narrative or Descriptive Describing a Process Comparison & Contrast Using Examples Classification / Analysis Developing a Definition Evaluative Essay (Review)
Cause and Effect Argumentative Essay Writing about Literature
Writing Research Papers

Presented by Capital Community College, Hartford, CT

ESL: Gerunds

Excellent review of gerunds and infinitives, with two quizzes. Also includes using possessives with gerunds.

ESL: Gerunds

How to recognize a gerund when you see one.

ESL: Gerunds

Test your understanding of gerunds with this ESL quiz. . . and some easy to follow rules for creating them.

ESL: Forming Gerunds

410 Grammar: Includes a quiz on gerunds as well as an easy to use chart for forming gerunds.

Monday, November 27, 2006

ESL Websites

Websites suggested by ESL Instructor Cathy Perillo:


Here are the other websites I wanted to tell you about: (English Language Listening Lab Online) , and (English for All)
Thank you for all you do ~ for all of us ~ and our students!

Cathy Perillo