Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nuevo: En Español de GED Hotlist, New: Spanish GED Hotlist

Para los estudiantes españoles de GED, hay un hotlist nuevo, o lista de los Web site españoles de GED, en la columna derecha de este blog. Chasque simplemente encendido el título En Español de GED Hotlist para llevarle al sitio del hotlist. Una vez que allí, usted pueda chascar una vez en cualquier título (acoplamiento) y le llevarán a ese Web site. Para una lista similar para las constituciones de Illinois y de Estados Unidos, vaya por favor a

For Spanish GED students, there is a new hotlist, or list of Spanish GED websites, in the right hand column of this blog. Simply click on the title En Español de GED Hotlist to take you to the hotlist site. Once there, you can click once on any title (link) and you will be taken to that website. For a similar list for the Illinois and United States Constitutions, please go to

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Commentary: Sotir: Sentence Diagramming Hotlist

I'm not sure I am behind the current trend towards clothing styles of the 60's and 70's, but about that time the use of sentence diagramming faded from the educational scene. Along with phonics, it's back and being used in every level from Elementary through Higher Ed.

The Sentence Diagramming Sites Hotlist was developed to resurrect that highly effective methodology. As with all of the hotlists, this too will be updated when additional sites are found. I've put the list in 'Student Hotlists' in the right hand column of this Blog, so that you can access it easily. If you have any additional sites, post a comment and I will add them, after review, to the hotlist.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Commentary:Sotir: Search Engines and Directories

We all know that the Web has a seemingly infinite amount of information. One of the most important skills for the 21st Century will be the ability to find the information you seek. Search engines and directories are much more refined than they were in the old 'Archie' days (one of the first search engines on the Internet). There are meta-search engines, subject specific search engines, aggregators, blog, wiki and podcast search engines, and on and on. Some have a human interface, such as Cha Cha, and others offer targeted information like Google Scholar. All have a purpose, and all can help you to find what you need. For search engine information and sites, try our hotlist: or the engines cited in the right column of this Blog. The information is probably out there, the key is knowing how to find it. There are some unique and powerful tools available. It's worth a few minutes of your time to find out what they are.