Wednesday, August 31, 2005

ABE/GED, ESL: Today's Front Pages

Today's Front Pages

Each day, Washington D.C's Newseum museum site brings you front pages from newspapers around the world - over 400 of them. See how the same story is covered in different places or compare news from different regions. Roll over each thumbnail to see a larger image, click on it to see one large enough to read the headlines. PDFs are available if you want to read the part of an article that's on the front page (Acrobat Reader software required). This is an interesting way to get discussions on current events in the classroom. Since there are over 400 front page resources available, students can read about it from their home town or country.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

GED: Algebra A free online Algebra study aide. Includes lessons, calculators, worksheets and resources, including:
Prime NumbersGenerate custom charts and lists of prime numbers.
Perfect Squares Chart GeneratorGenerate custom charts and lists of perfect squares.
Study TipsGeneral tips and guidelines for students of algebra.

GED Mathematics Test: Contemporary/McGraw Hill
Publisher's site that enhances materials from the textbooks.

Student CenterAre you preparing to take the GED Mathematics Test? If so, this section will help you review everything you have covered in your textbook. Click on the link above, and then choose a chapter from the table of contents. You’ll find Chapter Review Quizzes, Chapter Outlines, Interactive Flashcards, Web Links, a Math Handbook, and more!
Instructor CenterAre you preparing students for the GED Mathematics Test? This section will provide you with Tips and Resources from Contemporary’s GED Instructor Resource Binder, Instructional PowerPoint Presentations, Web Links, and more!

GED: Test Practice GED practice test sites.

Take the self assessment module quizzes below (make notes of your scores and remember which revealed significant gaps in your learning)
Access the following online resources to improve your weak areas and enhance your score on a fundamental level.
Self Improvement Directory

For students with computers at home, this is a free practice site that they can use to practice prior to taking the tests.

GED Test Taking Tips GED Test Taking Tips

One page sheet that gives practical advice prior to taking the GED test. Good handout for students.