Monday, November 21, 2005

GED/ Others: Geography: National Geographic Lessons and Interactive Museum

Xpeditions is a series of lesson plans by National Geographic on geographical subjects, laid out by grade level. There are also activities, an atlas, and an interesting interactive geographical museum called Xpedition Hall (an interactive “museum” that takes you on geography journeys. Here you’ll climb a mountain, hover over the Earth, speed across Europe, visit an archeological dig, and even order sushi–plus games, animations, and more!). For example, the room titled Human Systems includes Rail Traffic Controller : Traces railroad cargoes and destinations on a rail traffic control board. By tracking imports and exports, visitors can understand how countries become related through mutual dependence on raw materials and finished goods.

This is one of those sites that takes time to explore, and can be used in many ways. ESL students might use some of the Xpedition Hall sites at lower reading levels. ABE students can find reading level appropriate materials as well. GED students might study thind in context by exploring 'Culture Goggles' and seeing one city, Jerusulem, through the eyes of a Christian, a Muslim and a Jew. The videos and graphics are clear and easy to understand, and the reading levels are very helpful. Add your usage ideas to the comments.