Thursday, November 03, 2005

ABE/GED/ESL/VESL: TV 411: Tune in to Learning

"Welcome to TV411, the television series for adults who want to strengthen their literacy skills. Attention teachers! Check out the new THINK MATH dvd, a free multimedia teaching tool that explores core mathematical concepts, such as fractions, percents and ratios."

One of the best features of this site is the Math Lessons in Spanish section.( There is also a Writing section that includes such things as
Filling Out a Job Application Grammar and Punctuation How to Write a Business E-mail Preparing to Get a Job Writing a Complaint Letter Writing a Cover Letter that would be very useful for those in vocational classes.
The Reading section includes: Comprehending Business Problems Finding Faulty Logic Parts of a Newspaper Reading Charts and Graphs Reading Maps Reading the Fine Print Scanning for Specifics Strategies for Better Reading Structure of a News Story Summarizing Using Context Clues
The Vocabulary section is also quite useful, and includes a great interactive area called Check Out the Buzzword to really understand a word in a relational context. This section also includes:
Contract Language Dictionary Entries Finding New Ways to Say Something Personal Dictionary Prefixes Say Plenty Roots and Their Families, Part 1 Roots and Their Families, Part 2 Suffixes Understanding Business Jargon What Makes a Compound Word? Words with Multiple Meanings
Highly recommended site.