Tuesday, April 21, 2009

UDUTU: Online Course Authoring

http://udutu.com/   My UDUTU is an online course authoring site. The main advantage is the ability to add rich media (the kind that takes up bandwidth) and having it resized for optimization automatically. There are good tutorials onsite, not only for developing the product but also for developing a strong academic structure as well. It includes some uses of Bloom's Taxonomy, development of learning outcomes you wish to achieve and design of the course itself. .

From UDUTU:  "Adding rich media to course in myUdutu is made simple because the compression and resizing to make it play on the web is all done for you automatically.

When you upload images or movies or sound files from your computer to a screen in your myUdutu course they are automatically resized and optimized for bandwidth efficiency on the web. They will also become a part of your personal learning object repository for future use. At any time you can publish the course onto our web server, and let your interested parties view it, or you can zip it and save it to your own computer, ready to be deployed wherever you prefer."

From the Blog Computer Methods and Applications by THX2: this is the info on an online course authoring site called UDUTU:
" Udutu.com is a website that provides online course authoring software. If you want to make online courses, eLearning modules or training programs, then Udutu.com can offer you a good answer to your needs. Udutu.com’s main product offering is myUdutu™. It is an easy-to-use online authoring software that can be used by anyone. With this software, you would no longer need to rely on programmers to produce for you good quality online modules. myUdutu™ enables any user to create interactive courses rich with visual media which greatly improves training opportunities for students and employees alike. It can be used in all fields and professions providing human resource managers, trainers, professionals, teachers, etc., the edge in making such courses. With its WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) feature, myUdutu™ attracts more users...
...Another breakthrough that the site offers is that it ties up with social networking sites such as Facebook to build up a learning network in which productive individuals can work together...
...Its simplicity and its customization is also one of its values. You only have to access udutu.com from the internet, build your course by importing PowerPoint presentations, customize your learning windows, and add videos and audios, and then publish it using the site’s server, and you’re done!
...The experts can either upload their courses through their own server or use the Udutu server for a measly fee of $1."