Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My Favorite MI/Web 2.0 Tools

I personally love Web 2.0. I'm also aware that my own staff, although they all try, may not embrace these tools as fondly as I do. That said, I decided to create a short list of my very favorite Web 2.0 tools for MI. If you don't know what MI is, see the post immediately below this one...
Actually, there are quite a few more, which I've listed as 'Web 2.0 Tech Tools Recommended' in the right hand column of this blog. However, I wanted to give you a flavor of what you can do with Web 2.0.  Please make note of the fact that I have little patience, so therefore all of these tools have an intuitive quality to them that makes using them quite easy. Click and check out these samples, then scroll down for even more. When you find those you like you can just come back to this site (and remember only ONE URL) to access them when you need them. And here's an old school tip from an old-schooler...I have a Rolodex in my office where I make a card for each of these sites, with the date joined and any passwords or user names that I need to use them. On the back of the card I put a short description, and then file them by what they do, and then the title. These passwords are not going to help anyone who is seeking to steal my identity (word to the wise), but since they are all unique, I need to keep track of them somehow.