Tuesday, May 06, 2008


http://www.webware.com/ Cool Web 2.0 apps for everyone...

Are you feeling like a hamster in a wheel while trying to keep up with all the new Web 2.0 apps? Does your brain need an RSS feed? Here's a site that can help sort it all out for you. Along with reviews of new 2.0 apps, there are tools such as 'newbie guides' (and being a 'newbie' is not nearly as disconcerting as being a 'dummy') to help you understand things like Facebook Twitter Flickr Google RSS Flock .

Here's what they say about themselves:

"There's a shift underway in how people use computers and the Internet. Every day more utility is being delivered over the Web. Full applications can now be run in a browser, accessible from any computer. Software? It's no longer required. Software is becoming Webware.
There are different types of Webware.
Productivity applications. Microsoft may own the desktop, but not the Web. Online, Google has solid productivity apps. And there are dozens of upstarts in this market too.
Data-driven applications. Many new online services rely on real-time data that simply could not be encapsulated into software. Examples include Google Maps, Zillow and Farecast.
Community services. Webware enables people to network, share their lives, and work together. Examples are MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube, and SmartSheet.
Webware.com is the site where computer users can learn about new and useful Web applications."

So rather than wear yourself out, let Webware.com take the lead in explaining 2.0 apps that you can use. The newbie guides are well-written and explain the concepts of several hot apps in terms that you can understand.