Thursday, April 12, 2007

Commentary: Sotir: Mom Blogs

When major media freaked at the news last month that moms in droves were ditching TV morning shows in favor of mommy blogs, one group wasn't at all surprised – the mommy bloggers and readers themselves.
Because the reality behind the startling statistic – nearly 450,000 women TV viewers lost last season (a decline of about 10 percent) – is as up close and personal as your next-door neighbor. One reader of my blog captured this intimacy perfectly:
"I really see the blogging community, for moms, as an 'over the back fence' community. Our grandmothers would visit with other neighbors as they hung out the laundry, they would chat with the milkman maybe, or catch up at the butcher shop, but in modern times we live in a world of strangers. It really brings in a sense of community."
Christian Science Monitor: Moms help moms through blogs: By Barbara Curtis, Tue Apr 3

Why would anyone think this is a surprising statistic? Think about the age of the average new mom. In her twenties or early thirties, and if she didn't have technology at the moment of her birth, she had it by the time she went to grade school. Sure, its changed dramatically since that point, but while TV worked for the Boomer moms, this group needs more interaction, and venues such as I-Village and Blogs makes sense. Balancing work and kids and marriage means time is at a premium. Sitting down to watch a TV show, even with TIVO, is a major time commitment. The Internet is open and available 24/7. It's the middle of the night and your baby has colic? Get on the computer and the entire world will give you advice. Does it take a village? Yes, if it's a virtual one.