Thursday, November 30, 2006

ABE/GED/ESL Civics and Government Literacy Support Center

Civics Online: Students: This gateway portal, designed for children, will lead you to many American heritage sites. Find original U.S. documents, information about American history, archives, collections, history museums, and more.
Cultural Orientation Resource Center: Find materials on housing, community services, transportation, health, employment, and cultural adjustment in several Asian, European, African, and Middle Eastern languages. Other orientation materials include bilingual phrasebooks, health resources guides, and a website devoted to cultural orientation.
Government Guide: Government Services Made Easy: As you move through this site, you will be able to find federal, state, and local resources for officials and agencies, consumer services, health and safety, benefits and assistance, and more.
Tax Center: Yahoo: Find information about state and federal tax forms, tax tools, basic tax tips, and tax resources, such as the Internal Revenue Service website. Find information about state and national elected officials, bills in Congress, elections, agencies, and more.