Monday, June 19, 2006

VESL: Problem Posing at Work: English for Action

A good text for dealing with non-native speakers and their issues in the workplace. While written in Canada, the issues are universal. Teacher's guides are also available from Grass Roots Press, and the cost is about $25. per text.
by Elsa Auerbach and Nina Wallerstein

This student book contains 30 lessons that focus on workplace themes and issues related to the working lives of immigrants and refugees. Inspired by the problem-posing approach of Paulo Freire, this book invites learners to share and analyze their experiences, to acquire the language, skills, and information necessary for greater power over their circumstances, and to strategize together for changes. Originally published in 1987 as ESL for Action, this revised edition is updated to incorporate a focus on the effects of globalization on workers' lives while its scope is expanded to include information about Canada as well as the U.S. It includes authentic photos and stories of workers active in their workplaces and communities. The text is intended for intermediate to advanced ESL students in workplace, pre-vocational, vocational, community-based, union, and labour education programs. (335 pp.)
Table of Contents
Unit I: Learning English
Unit II: Working In A New Country
Unit III: Power at Work
Unit IV: Making Money
Unit V: Getting Through the Day
Unit VI: Health and Safety
Unit VII: Moving Toward Equality
Unit VIII: Unions
Unit XI: The Big Picture
Teaching Guide