Thursday, June 01, 2006

For Fun: Listening to Mona Lisa

Did you ever wonder what the Mona Lisa would have sounded like? Or Leonardo da Vinci himself? Yahoo News reported that a Japanese acoustics expert may have resolved that question. "Dr Matsumi Suzuki, who generally uses his skills to help with criminal investigations, measured the face and hands of Leonardo da Vinci's famous 16th century portrait to estimate her height and create a model of her skull.
"Once we have that, we can create a voice very similar to that of the person concerned," Suzuki told Reuters in an interview at his Tokyo office last week..."In Mona Lisa's case, the lower part of her face is quite wide and her chin is pointed," Suzuki explained. "The extra volume means a relatively low voice, while the pointed chin adds mid-pitch tones," he added.
So although she is known as the woman with the enigmatic smile, her voice is no longer a mystery. It's a Japanese site and Mona of course speaks Italian, but it's interesting nonetheless.