Monday, April 25, 2005

ESL/ABE: Reading Reading for ESL students. This is a wealth of information for low level readers.

Introduction to the United States of America. Online Culture Lessons by Paul Sparks.
Adult Learning Activities. California distance learning project, where you can read and listen to short essays about America. - Learn English effectively. Articles on how to learn English effectively, based on the experiences of successful learners.
E-Bookster. A tool for either helping young kids to learn how to read, or to help people learn english as a second language.
PanaVox Speech Server. Broadcasts text as live synthesised high quality speech to users who are using 33 or 56 k or faster modems.
VoyCabulary Reading Assistant. With this program you can check the meaning of any words in the Web page you are reading.
CNNSF Learning Resources. A selected news story is published each week with video, audio, full text, abridged text, and story outline for educational use.
Yahoo Daily News.Quickly updated news, classified into different categories.
This Day in History.A short passage each day describing an historical event in American history. Holidays in the U.S. Description of all the holidays from January to December.
The Quotations Page. The largest and oldest Quotations Page on the Web with about 30 categories such as Great Leaders, Sarcasm, and Wisdom.
Key to College Success. About 10 pages of sincere advice about how to be successful in college. You must read it if you are preparing to study in the States.
A Word a Day. Definitions and example sentences are provided. You can also click to hear its pronunciation. The word is usually difficult.
Online Children's Stories. Many stories from well-known children's books. They are easy and interesting to read.
Public Domain Books. Hundreds of books you can free download or open to read.
Life in a New Country. ESL students writing about the American culture.
Reading Materials Search. Searching reading materials by subject, type, and level.
The English Learner Movie Guides a detailed synopsis of 100 popular movie with an extensive glossary of vocabulary and various cultural references.