Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Author Stream: Upload PowerPoint Presentations


Author STREAM is a new app that allows you to quickly and easily upload PowerPoint presentations no matter what size. You can upload to share on MP3s, iPods, You Tube, Blogs and Websites, or, by using the Present Live link, you can share and discuss the PowerPoint with participants live and interactively. They can also participate in a live chat area.
You can use authorSTREAM to:
  • Create e-learning content created with PowerPoint.
  • To publish reports with audio-visual slideshows created with PowerPoint.
  • Embed PowerPoint presentations in your blog or website.
  • Convert and download them as video or share on iPods, iPhones and YouTube.
  • Find, browse and download PowerPoint presentations created by other members.
Present Live link:
Another excellent tool on this site is Present Live!  It allows you upload your PPT and share it with colleagues world wide in real time. Participants can also respond in real time. A video explanation is available on the Authorstream site. See below:

Just upload your PowerPoint presentation and share the 'Present Live' link with your contacts.
All your contacts can then watch and discuss the same presentation. You can click through the slides and everyone attending will be on the same slide. Animations work the same way as in your PowerPoint file. Chat with attendees in a common chat area.

Call them on your favorite VoIP application like Skype or using the good old conference call and voila, you are in a live web meeting. And yes, Present Live is free for authorSTREAM members!