Monday, July 21, 2008

Commentary: Sotir: Email

This is an email I recently received. Receiving comments on my Blog is a great treat for me. I enjoyed Wordelizer (see link below) very much. Wordelizer is indeed a wonderful way to spend excess minutes. Merci!
As for how we can be 'saved' from time saving devices...alas, there seems to be little hope. For example, I spent the weekend adding more apps to my iPhone. At the touch of an icon I can now find the 'cheapest' gasoline in town ('cheap' being relevant), play Mahjohng, and listen to a radio station that plays the kind of music I like to hear. I now have a handy shopping list I can check off when I run out of mustard or bread, and can find the calorie count at the restaurants I frequent (unless I prefer to ignore them and order with abandon). Yes, I can now waste time much more efficiently than before. I don't even need to enter a URL. I'll add these too. One never knows when they will come in handy.
Received 7/21/2008:

I was on ATT's knowledge explorer and found your blog and filament ESL Technology Websites

nice work

I too have a love/hate relationship with technology and gadgets. What is worse is my wife does too. How can we be saved from time saving devices? Oh well..I thought I would suggest just three of my pages to "waste your time" ;-))

one is a virtual thermin that you "play" with your mouse

the second is the Wordelizer which is a sort of interactive dictionary page that I constantly try to up date each school year (suggestions welcome.)

finally robot anxiety a cooky short story.