Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Subject Area: Hotlists for Students

With the coming winter break from classes, students have asked me for lists of good academic Websites they can use when the college is closed. In the right hand column of this Blog is a listing titled "Hotlists for Students". For the first hotlist, instructors Robin Bosworth and Kristy Laurx have developed a list of good sites for all levels of ESL students. For GED students, there are math and reading Hotlists, and instructors Patti Huelsman and Char Rokop offer additional assistance in studying for the Constitution test on the AELC Constitution Blog : (

Hotlists are easy to use:
Click once on the title you wish to use (such as 'General ESL Skills'). This will open the Hotlist. There are several categories listed: Reading, Grammar and Speaking and Listening.
Under each category are several Websites your teachers have chosen for you.
Click on the underlined words of the title you want to try, and it will take you directly to that Website.
Once on the site, you can follow the instructions for using anything on the page. The same information holds true for using the math and reading Hotlists.
Gabcast useage instructions are found on the Constitution Blog.