Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Another AELC 10 Minute Wonder! Mojiti Video Annotation

2/26/08 Update: This site seems to have disappeared. The Web giveth and the Web taketh away...
For those of you who have asked me why I consider podcasting a Web 2.0 project, check out the tutorial associated with this site. The trick is not in finding the tools, because a simple search will provide as many as you can use, but in using them effectively. Tools such as this give us the ability to think differently about how we teach and how we learn. It's always amazing.
Mojiti make it easy for you to personalize any video. Use Mojiti Spots to narrate your personal videos, add captions or subtitles in any language, or just comment on any scene to share your thoughts and opinions.
Also see the YouTube video entitled Web 2.0 in Just Under 5 Minutes by:
Michael Wesch Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology Kansas State University
Also added to the 'Tech Tools Recommended' list on this Blog