Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Teacher Tube

Check out the post from the Instructional Technology Greenhouse on the subject of which is an instructional version of You Tube.

TeacherTube is IT
It's like YouTube, only for Teachers and Students-- which means there's now a place to watch and post educational video clips without fear of being blocked, denied or otherwise thwarted by filtering software. Take a few minutes to explore TeacherTube and think about the possibilities. Here's my favorite video of the week, about attitudes toward technology. Your comments (click "comments" below the video screen) are most welcome, especially if you've never commented on a blog before-- consider it a learning opportunity. :) Isn't the music compelling? And the message... suffice it to say I've watched this video several times.

See http://technologygreenhouse.blogspot.com for the actual post and a video posted by Kat on 5/11/07.