Thursday, May 31, 2007

Review: ClipMarks: Web/Blog Save Tool

If one is good...then others will follow. I recently wrote about my unbounded joy with the i-lighter product: I-Lighter which allows you to keep only the parts of the Web site that you want to keep. As a researcher, this is a wonderous tool.

In technology, where one appears, so do others. The newest tool similar to I-Lighter is called Clipmarks. Like the I-Lighter product, it is a free site which offers an easier way to access information. Sure, you can use RSS feeds to guide you to the sites you crave, but Clipmarks will let you grab pieces of news or blogs and catalog them. You will need to download the Clipmark program (which puts a nifty little clip into your tool bar and lets you access the tool quickly).

Well then, you say smugly, why not simply hot link the URL? Of course, if you want to share the entire Web site, that is always possible. But others might not want to read all of the site, and you might want to share only the salient portion.

To use, highlight the parts of the Web site you choose, and save them to the Clipmark site: Or post them directly to your Blog.

This works for videos (such as You Tube sites) and photos and...well, see it. I bet you will use it, or that your friends and colleagues would wish that you did.

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