Thursday, May 12, 2005

ABE/ESL: Learning Differences

One of the more common issues with adult education students is that many of them have special learning needs that are difficult for instructors to assess. These 'fast facts' are for instructors who want easy to use methodologies for working with these students. I liked the section 'Simple Things You Can Do to Help Students with Learning Differences'. Good information.

Learn strategies for working with adult students who have learning differences with these quick, plain-English fact sheets. Fast Facts are short, concise information pages on a variety of topics related to learning differences. The Fast Facts pages are being developed in the belief that practitioners often have little time to read lengthy articles and are looking for sources of information that are readable and to the point. In the future, additional pages and links will be added to help interested ABLE practitioners get the information they want, quickly and easily.

Learning Differences Fast Facts were developed by Richard C. Gacka, Ed.D.