Monday, February 21, 2005

ESL/ABE/GED: Grammar Compendium English Grammar Quizzes

I get a lot of requests for really specific grammar skills, and often it is difficult to find those exact skills on large software programs. This site has English grammar quizzes on a large volume of skills including grammar and vocabulary, and has them in levels from easy to difficult. Some topics include:
Do or Make Did or Made Go or Do Have-Has For or Since
How Many?-How Much?
How & Complement - Matching Quiz
Make or Do Set, Sit or Seat?
So or Because Some, Any or No
Tell or Say
"There Is" or "There Are"
Until-Since-For Was or Were
Was-Were What-When-Where What-Which-How
Adverbs or Adjectives

The above are examples from the EASY level of instruction. See the main site page for additional skills and levels. It's worth the trip!