Tuesday, November 09, 2004

ESL: Compendium: ESL sites

You can try some of these sites with ESL students.

http://a4esl.org : Over 1000 quizzes, exercises and puzzles

www.better-english.com/exerciselist.html : English exercises

http://bogglesworld.com : ESL activities for adults

www.brainpop.com : Science activities

www.englishbaby.com/lessons/index.php : Learn English, including slang/ meet other ESL students

www.eslpartyland.com : The cool way to learn English - for students and instructors

www.literacyonline.org/eslcivics2.html : Literacy for ESL students

www.onestopenglish.com/culture/ : American culture lessons and lesson plans

This are just a few of the hundreds of sites out there. Note that sites may disappear quickly, since they depend on a 'host' to keep them viable. Please comment on the value of the site if you visit it. By the way, these are 'hot' links, which will allow you to access them simply by clicking on the address.