Thursday, October 14, 2004

Welcome to the WCC AELC Blog!

I'd like to welcome you to a new format of sharing learning and skills. This blog can be used for questions, comments, ideas, and general information about teaching English as a Second Language. You can start your blog experience by sending an email to Judith Sotir ( and requesting an invitation. Once you accept the invitation, you will be able to post under your own name. You will have to have a computer enabled to accept cookies to be able to post in this manner. A blog is a sharing community, and is only as good as the the people who populate it. Contact me at the college at 630-906-4128 if you have any questions. Also note that this can provide for threaded conversation, and instead of individual posts, you can choose an existing post and hit the 'comment' button (at the end of the post)to add your own thoughts to a specific subject. When you are finished, hit 'publish post' and you're a published author.